Sunday 23rd 1pm @ UCD

It's that time of the week again! Next Sunday all will meet in UCD, Belfield @ 1pm. I propose to meet beside the lake, outside the main Library. Across the lake is O'Reilly Hall. I've attached a map for people to check out HERE.

There are lots of nice places to wander to in UCD, including some really nice wildlife areas parallel to the N11 if you follow the paths that way.. plus there's the really cool sculpture of the "Egg" - make sure you look inside - it's beautiful. (this is just up from the lake on the O'Reilly Hall side).

If it is raining, then I suggest you pop into one of the buildings or take shelter somewhere! There is a pub across the N11, Lonnegan's which is part of the Montrose Hotel. This is a nice spot for coffees/sketching if the weather is bad also. If weather is nice, takeaway coffee is available in the Centra - over beside the student residences, beyond the bus stops towards the Foster's Avenue entrance.

Get the Number 10 bus to be dropped inside the campus, or the number 46a to be dropped at the far side of the fly-over in front of the Montrose Hotel.

I'm not sure if I'll be there myself yet, Cork are playing in the Semi-Final so I will probably be jumping up and down shouting at a tv somewhere :)

Enjoy! All new sketchers welcome - please just have a sketchpad in your hand so all will recognise you ;)


ps. HERE'S a link to some of the campus artwork, which is nice - plus some info on Noah's Egg :)


Stephen said...

Oh if only we could push that egg down the hill there! I won't be making it out this weekend I'm afraid and next weekend is Napalm Deth in Waterford so... See you in a fortnight or so. :D

Tracy O'Brien said...

I know.. but it just isn't possible!! It is awesome up close, but inside it is cool!!

Pat said...

Well, Archimedes said "If you give me a lever and a place to stand I can move the world". With a suitable lever & fulcrum and a few Sketchers we can move that mother!! Should make for a good headline, "Sketchers run amok & block N11 with giant egg". Should also make for good sketching opportunities before the Gardai arrive. Nice thought Stephen, pity you won't be there!

Aenhimal said...

Juan and I (Sara) are sorry to say that finally we won't be able to say good bye to the Dublin Sketchers properly, because we don't know how long does it takes to go there, and if we arrive late we're afraid we won't met you there (we don't have your phones either so there's no way we can contact you) :(

Anyway I just wanted to say that has been great to meet you all, even if it was just for some weeks; I will always remember Ed's concentration face drawing his sault and pepper :P, and talking with Cieran about Concept Art (he thought it was conceptual tho XD, or the lovely Maura, It was really grat to met Stephen and Brian even if it was just for one day, I'm sorry I don't remember all the names, but anyway never forget you guys ^^

Skype me if you ever go to Spain (skype name: aenhimal) and who knows maybe I'll come back

That's all folks!!

TAW Blog Admin said...

Hi all, some great work happening, sorry to have missed so many sessions including this one but hope to be back at it next Sunday, getting itchy fingers. Anyway hope you all are well have a great day.

Tracy O'Brien said...

Sara I'm sorry that you didn't get a chance to come out today, that's a pity. I hope you guys have a safe trip back and if you are ever back in Dublin, make sure you look us up!! Best of luck in the future, Tracy

Ciaran.L said...

Bye,Sara,was nice to meet you; Keep us informed about what you're up to, art-wise.

Mary said...

Sara and Juan, sorry we missed you on your last sketch day, keep in touch sketchwise!. Nice to have met you here.