Sunday 9th August - Suggestions

Eh, anyone? Any ideas? You there at the back, no not you, beside you there. Yes you, quit fidgeting! Any ideas where to go sketching on Sunday? No? Really?

Well how about grabbing the dart out to Dun Laoghaire. There's a regular Sunday market in the People's Park just beside the harbour. As long as the weather's fine there'll be plenty to draw...



Stephen said...

Actually screw that. Check this out:

A unique and rare event is taking place this week. Last year the race was cancelled and who knows what will happen next year. If you are either interested in motor racing or you want to see an event in a very unique and extraordinary environment, you should go to the races. If you like taking photos, then definitely go to Phoenix Park, there should be great photo opportunities.

On 08 and 09 August 2009 this Motor Race in one of Europe's biggest Parks instead of on a race course will take place and will celebrate the 80th Anniversary of the Irish Grand Prix. Motor racing has taken place in the Phoenix Park since 1903 and during the period 1929 - 1931 the Park was the venue for the first ever Irish Grand Prix, which led to the annual motor racing event that continues to this day. Allegedly the Motor Races in Phoenix Park were originally the model for Albert Park in Melbourne which also set up its own race meeting and is the venue for the Australian Formula 1 Grand Prix today.

This year, the paddock for the racing cars will be located in the Main Car Park in Farmleigh, and the cars will be there from Friday 07 August.

This entire event is free for spectators and there is pedestrian-only access to the paddock area through the main Farmleigh gate. Cars can access Farmleigh via the back gate on Whites Road during the event. There will be lots of exciting racing cars as well as static displays to see in the paddock ranging from the historic to modern day cars, so come along to see the cars and meet the drivers!
Practice starts at 09:00 on both days and the events will finish at 17:00. The full racing timetable is on
For motorists: Phoenix Park will largely be closed for traffic from 07:00-19:00 on both days, so make sure that you avoid the area.


Pat said...

Hmmm, I'm just not sure about the motor racing as a sketching venue Stephen; Phoenix Park hard to get to except by car, may not actually be too many subjects to draw and nowhere to hook up afterwards. I like Dun Laoghaire as a venue although not particularly the market in the park. There's loads of drawable stuff along the seafront and the killer bonus is the ice cream cones in Teddys!

Stephen said...

:) I was thinking the market at people's park is just a really handy meeting spot. I'd expect people to split up from there. If the weather's good there'll be plenty of boats out and activity in the harbour.

You could be right about the racing although they will have the older cars on display. Phoenix park is only a short walk from the Housten Station Luas stop :)

As yours is currently the only voice and I myself won't be around it's likely going to be Dun Laoghaire. Any other thoughts dudes?