Sketches from Saint Annes Park

St.Annes was a really lovely park and a first visit for some of us. We will return. Good suggestion Stephen.
The Pics from top left down are some roses by Sally
Some trees by James
Next is a view by Veronika
Two views by Stephen


Tracy O'Brien said...

Good idea James, only thing is that we don't know in advance where is a good place to go for coffee.. as we might not know the area at all. So I think let it be known at 1pm that you meet back at that spot at 3pm.

I've been busy too, haven't been out in ages and can't again this weekend. No probs with the emails, posting etc. I don't mind, it's great though to have suggestions ;)

Lovely work done, I was disappointed to miss it this week, I've never been to St. Anne's Park. Will have to go soon!!

TAW Blog Admin said...

Good point Tracey. I'll scrap it now.

Tracy O'Brien said...

You are right though, we can make sure to include in our emails every week a meeting point and state that we will meet back there at 3pm again.. that way any one that is late can go and sketch and then meet back there at 3pm again?

TAW Blog Admin said...

Really like your pencil drawing Stephen it's brill. Apologies that there's a sheen from the angle at which photo was taken.

Mary said...

St Annes Park is amazing, it would take a few more visits to take it in! A pity the little lake is gone, but we did find water in the Italian Garden, which seems to be called 'Garden for miniature roses' on the map.
Lovely sketches, Veronika and Stephen, and James's painting could be in South of France!

Pat said...

Great forest walk drawing Stephen; vaguely reminiscent of Munch.

Stephen said...

Cheers Pat. I went to see Munch's prints in the National Art Gallery on Saturday. That may have something to do with the similarity though it wasn't a conscious thing.

Thanks James for being the official photographer and putter-upper of images :)

Stephen said...

...and I didn't see one feckin' vampire. I suppose trying to organise a vampire race in daylight was probably a bad idea.