Sunday 6th Sept - Docklands south

Hi all

The location for this weeks sketching session extraordinaire is the Ringsend dockland's area. We will meet in or at Il Valentino's (location map here) at 1pm as usual. I'm going to start off around the CHQ area, as there are some sketches I'd like to get done there first, but I'll mosey down and meet ye all for 3pm. Or ye can mosey up CHQ-way and check out the fringe fest if you like. We'll figure it out on the day!

Sarah Bo


Tracy O'Brien said...

Yet again I can't make it - heading home!! Enjoy :)

Stephen said...

I'm Kilkenny-bound myself. I hear tell most of them will be up in Dublin so I'm going to usurp the town while they're away. Oh yeah.

Wave about sketchpads manically so you can find each other. Thanks to Sarah for organising :)


TAW Blog Admin said...

See you there.