Trinity Arts Workshop - News!

Trinity Arts Workshop have announced details of their first term of classes, which will be starting the first week of October. Details follow below.

We have two large studios where we hold regular classes in life drawing, figure sculpting, acrylic painting, ceramic sculpture and pottery, given by talented and experienced instructors and designed for all levels and abilities.

Goldsmith Hall : Entrance to the Ceramic Studio is from Cumberland St behind the Pearse St. Dart Station(look for a sign for Pottery).

Ceramic Sculpture Monday (from 7 to 9)Carving, modelling and casting in clay.(5/10 euro)contact Agnieska at 085 738 64 05

Pottery Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday (from 6 to 7.30 and 7.30 to 9) and Saturday (from 11 to to 12.30 and 12.30 to 2)Learn how to work at a wheel and a diverse range of hand building and glazing techniques.Instruction, firing kiln and all materials provided (5 euro)contact Patrick at 087 280 70 27view Patrick's work at

191 Pearse St : Life Drawing Tuesday from 7 to 9 Model only. Hone your observational skills with dynamic models and expressive poses.(4/8 euro) starting 6th October

Life Drawing Thursday from 7 to 9 Instruction - exercises to get the synapses firing and bring differing perspectives on the activity. Drop in class starting 1st October (4/8 euro)contact Fergus at 087 9456735.

Life Modeling in Clay Wednesday from 7 to 9 10 week course starting 14th October (60/120 euro)contact Andrew at 087 650 9510

Introduction to Painting in Acrylic Friday from 7 to 9 10 week course starting 23rd October (60/120 euro) Contact Niel at 086 338 0469 More details can be found on the website on the blog:


Pat said...

I haven't been to these classes before but am going to give it a try; what materials do you need to bring along? Do you work from an easel or a drawing board and what sort of paper (quality & size) is best?

Tracy O'Brien said...

Materials are provided Pat, including newsprint type paper and charcoal of different kinds. I used these when I went, as the poses can be quick and out of each session you may use quite a significant portion of a sketchpad!

However, there are some longer poses and for these you could use your sketchpad - as large as you can bring with you in my opinion, A3 would be great. The longer sketches are nice to have in a proper sketchpad after I think.

With regards to materials, I found that using pencil was too restrictive for me - I got used to using charcoal and then used markers for a while - experiment and try out different things!

I have only ever gone to the class without instruction and found it great - though I don't think I am any good at drawing people :) It is really good for developing your observation skills and focusing on shapes - you also become so much faster at picking out the key lines and forms for your sketches.

Anyway, I highly recommend it - give it a go and let me know how you get on!

James Moore said...

Good on you for posting this info Tracey.

Pat said...

Thanks for all the information Tracy. I'm going to try to get there tonight for the class with instruction. I might bring some Conte with me, I find charcoal really difficult to work with.

Pat said...

Well, I broke my ass getting into town for last night's class but due to the taxi drivers deciding to hold a protest and screw up all centre city traffic I didn't get there until 7.15 at which time the front door was locked & I couldn't get in!!
Will have to try again next week. Was anyone else there last night?