Bloomsday at the Sol Gallery

Hi folks,

If anyone is in the city centre area tomorrow Wednesday June 16th and fancies a tiny bit of Joycean atmosphere, why not join Jessica and myself for a little glass of burgundy and some gorgonzola cheese in honour of Bloomsday while we are doing our bit of curating the Dublin Sketchers Drawing a Crowd Exhibition in the Sol gallery between 1pm - 5.30pm. We might even dress up a bit : )

Cheers and Happy Bloomsday,



Tracy O'Brien said...

Fantastic idea guys - fair play! Would love to drop in but don't think I'l get a chance. Enjoy!!

SarahOR said...

see you there!

Stephen said...

Deadly. If I can leave work on time I might get there before half five.

Mary said...

I hope to call in also!