Review of the exhibition

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Sketch! In some parts of Dublin, on the urgent utterance of that simple word, young fellas, grown men and gougers will seek cover. They fear a teacher, a wife or the Gardai have been spotted and they scarper like bugs from under a lifted rock. There is little use in running away from this show though. The Dublin Sketchers have been filling their notepads and sketch-books with Dublin scenes for over a year now, finding new spots every Sunday to cast their eyes over. Anyone can join with members ranging from the hobbyist to those already working in the creative fields but there is strictly no snootiness allowed.This exhibition is the culmination of a year’s worth Sunday sketching and among my favourites were Tracy O’Brien’s ink blocks, Tom Galvin’s storyboards and the incredible intricate work of Japanese-born Kozue Graham. / Luka Scoones
Nice :D