Feb.13th at IMMA. Some of the sketches.

Sketches by Mary from the Romuald Hazoume Exhib.

                                            Watercolour by Chris.

                                          Sketch by Maura of the gardens at Imma.

Sketch by Jane H.                                                           Sketch  by Mandy.

                                      Inspecting the Romuald Hazoume exhibit in the Quadrangle!


Tracy O'Brien said...

Great work by all! Mary - only for you telling me I had no idea what that sculture actually was - I had walked past it curiously but didn't read it so thank you! :)

Scribbler said...

great work everyone, hopefully I'll get back out next week, too much rugby to watch!

Mary said...

Thanks Tracy. I quess I stumbled upon the exhibition as I arrived late and went in the first door at the front entrance. Here are photos of some of the exhibits.Amazing they are all made from discarded plastic petrol cannisters! (I hope this link works)