Haiku from Botanics

Me again! I think of haiku as word sketches, and they're slowly combining in my mind with my soundscapes......Hopefully something will come together for the exhibition in June....These are from the Botanic Gardens...

A sudden silence –
Expectation of delight.
A park land in spring.

Pansies and tulips
Where kitchen garden once grew.
Nature changed by man.

Pungent pollen smells
Creep deep down and fill the lungs.
Evoke memories.

Ludwig Wittenstein
Sat here nineteen forty eight.
What was he thinking?

The steamy glass house.
Warmth penetrates to the bone,
Cold muscles relax.

The north side jungle,
Foliage luscious and strange.
Kids play hide and seek.

Erratic movement
Of upward arching branches.
Buds ready to burst.

Switch grass firmly pruned.
Like upturned shoe shine brushes
Waiting for a boot.

Sniffing the spring they
Poke their nose out of the earth.
Is it time to bloom?

They float in the breeze,
Hanging from silver birch limbs.
Mistletoe pom poms.

Oh, Mister Magpie,
Please fly over that high wall,
See what lurks behind.

Empty park benches
Waiting for people to come.
Like Magritte’s coffins.

Elegant entwined
Sculpture, echoing the grace
Of the tangled yew.

Girls, stay on the path?
The earth is damp and muddy.
Too real for your shoes.

Green has many shades
Converging round lakeside curves.
Grey sky heralds rain.