Phoenix Park Sun.27th March

The park was beautiful today as the sun shone all day,
Some sketches from around Farmleigh in Phoenix Park.  I used a watersoluble pen and a water brush.
 Apologies I have no more photos from anyone else as I forgot  my camera and the phone was dead! One of those days!


Marcos Silveira said...

Amazing sketches, folks!

Too bad I didn't make it... I was feeling so lazy on sunday that I ended up spending all day lying on stephen's green's grass =)

Hopefully, I'll see you all next sunday!

Mary said...

Thanks Marcus. There were amazing views from the fort, but only came across 3 sketchers, and parking was a problem, so we headed to Farmleigh for refreshments and then to sketch.

Tracy O'Brien said...

They are really lovely - I couldn't make it unfortunately, my mother came to visit :-) See you Sunday I hope!