Sunday 6th March

Well hello there again you delightfully artistic types. I hope this finds you well or indeed finds you at all.

Now then, there's a wee Russian festival on in Templebar this weekend. We should go along to that. I'm hearing great support for grabbing pancakes from suitably attired soviets. We'll meet at the square in front of the banklinks there, you know where the book market usually is? I should be there at about 2:00. As it's a very open environment and there's a propensity to lose people, so if we all get horrifically separated don't despair, we'll meet afterward in Eamonn Dorans on Crown Alley - opposite the Bad Ass cafe. Map here! I think they still do pizza :)
If the weather turns cold/wet we can always head across to the book festival in City Hall/Chester Beaty. Also for those of you who may be interested in exhibiting please take the time to send a mail to us at this address with the subject "Exhibition" and an expression of your interest to do so. Wait, exhibiting what you say? Oh my yes, the 2011 Dublin Sketchers exhibition of course. It'll start on June 3rd in Sol art gallery on Dawson street.

Meanwhile next Friday one of our core members is exhibiting in Sol gallery himself. It would be well worth your while getting in there for a look. Right, I gotta go home, see you Sunday. Oh, that's James by the way, James is exhibiting, his work, not himself.