Ideas for the first Sunday in September! Autumn is in the air.

Hello all - that time of the week again - need ideas!!

I am getting a strong sense of Autumn this week, with the leaves beginning to change colours and the air a little cooler. Fighting the weather, I think we should try and enjoy the outdoors while we can. The Grand Canal is always beautiful and we are due a visit - any other suggestions?

Next week we are looking at arranging a visit to Powerscourt in Wicklow, namely to visit the Museum of Childhood but there are also the very beautiful gardens. Any thoughts on this welcome!



Pat said...

There's an interesting looking exhibition in Dun Laoghaire Town Hall for the next 3 Sundays which might be worth a look.

Mary said...

That exhibition sounds very interesting Pat.

JB said...

There is "Sculpture in Context" exhibition in National Botanics Garden. It might be interesting to sketch sculptures placed among the trees and bushes.
Ps: Can I join you? :)

Tracy O'Brien said...

of course Jb - send an email to to join! keep an eye on blog this afternoon to see where we end up going - like your suggestion though!