Sunday 28th Aug. Stephens Green and Photographic Exhib.

There was a great Photographic Exhibition on the railings this weekend, and Tracy O'B,  one of our Sketchers, was taking part.
Also, a very interesting body of work was produced by the Sketchers,  in spite of having to duck in and out of the showers.

Note: Click on the pics. to enlarge.

Two sketches by Andrew, using W&;N Soluble Indian Ink.


 Left: sepia ink sketch by Maura                                       Right: sketch by Balazs.

                                                    Two pen & Inks, by Stephen  C


Sepia ink by Carley                  and  Pencil drawing by John K.


Left:by Karine.           Right  Watercolour by Jennifer

Sketch by Carmen.           Right: Sketch by Aisling.

Ink and watercolour in Rain and in Sunshine, by Mary


Tracy O'Brien said...

Beautiful work - really different styles but all really lovely. I had a great weekend manning my little bit of the railing but no sketching alas!

Anonymous said...


Stephen C said...

Thanks for posting those Mary, that was a lovely afternoon. Your sketches of the bridge are beautiful!

Mary said...

Thanks Stephen, I like your Khrishna event, you caught the atmosphere well.