Marcia Moreno's Presentation at the Pearse Museum Sunday 9th October

Thankyou to all who made it out to the Pearse Museum this Sunday. It was great to see so many of you there. Marcia's presentation went very well and although unfortunately we didn't get around to much drawing it was very interesting and inspiring.

Here are some photos.

We've already had one follow up workshop last night (Monday the 10th) - everyone helped themselves to some nice food thanks to Jessica and after that it was all very relaxed and informal chatting around the fire at first and pretty soon the ideas were flying and some artwork begun...

There is still tonight and tomorrow night for those of you who would still like to come and for everyone who attends there is the chance of winning an art related prize. So maybe you're short on some art supplies who knows it could be worth your while making the trip. Also we can give people lifts home at the end of the workshops back to the general city centre and surrounding areas.

Pinning down the idea of Home can be tricky once you get into it.The image map here (thanks Declan) is one of the ideas that came from the Monday Night workshop and also using an illustrated letter (thanks Niall) as a way to present some ideas. Some food for thought anyway.

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