Visit to the Nat.Print Museum, 19th Feb. 2012

We spent a very enjoyable few hours in the National Print Museum today. We were treated to a very interesting  Letterpress printing demo. Also,  Harry brought along his etched plate and printed it. 
I am looking forward to the Cork Printmakers Exhibition starting Feb. 24th. for 3 weeks.

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2 Sketches by John C.

A watercolour of one of the exhibits, by Ray

 Two by Farrah.

Two pencil drawings by Frances.

 Three sketches and a wood rubbing, by Jasmine


Left: Pencil sketch by Loraine.                                                                       By Alex.

 Sketch  By John K and the Letterpress Poster, he hand printed..

Left: Sketch by Sally                            Right: By Jenifer.

Harry's Etching of the Old Pigeon House, which he printed  today.


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