Sunday 29th April 2pm Glasnevin Cemetery

This week we are off to Glasnevin Cemetery - a chance for those who are following our Ulysses trail to catch up with Leopold Bloom as he goes to the funeral of an old friend called Paddy Dignam.

Here's a short video summary of the Hades chapter of Ulysses.

We will meet outside the main entrance at 2pm for a quick intro and reading from Hades.

Please do be aware, for those not familiar with Glasnevin Cemetery, that as well as an historical site, it is still an active cemetery.

Feel free to wander next door to the Botanic gardens also mentioned in Ulysses - this can be accessed by a gate in a side wall - just go to the wall opposite the main entrance and follow the path a bit to the right to find it.

Visitors to Glasnevin Cemetery can now climb the iconic O’Connell Tower for the first time in over 45 years. With it being the tallest round tower in Ireland (55 meters), you get to experience 360 degree panaramic breathtaking views to the north, south, east and west across all of Dublin, Wicklow and the Irish Sea.  if you are interested you can book a ticket here

We will meet at 4pm in the Gravedigger's pub (John Kavanagh's Pub) which you can enter via a gate from the cemetery.
It's at the end wall, just turn right as you enter the main cemetery entrance and continue past the Glasnevin Cemetery Museum and Cafe and you will find a path going down the centre of the cemetery to it.

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