Invite to submit sketches for The Dublin Art Book, to be published in the UK.

Update:  Good news!  The Final date is now Wednesday 26th June 2019.

Hi Dublin Sketchers.

Some time ago we were invited to contribute to the new publication By Emma Bennett, which will be called the Dublin Art Book.   It follows a series of the The Cambridge Art Book, The Oxford Art Book, and also The Edinburgh Art Book  and The Liverpool Art book which will be published this year.
As some of you may have already contributed your work to the Dublin Art Book, this is just a timely!  reminder that just in case some more of you would be happy to send in some of your sketches.
The last  day to send in has now been extended to Wednesday 26th. June 21019.

The website is:       and basically you can submit up to 12 images free for consideration and the final selection for publication chosen by a panel of local art and city experts.

    Click below on the link to get details of image file sizes  and  where to send them to:                                              

Remenber, not a lot of time left!   Best of luck,  M