A few memories from the Urban Sketchers Symposium in Amsterdam

A few of us went to Amsterdam for the 10th Urban Sketchers Symposium. It was the hottest symposium ever - major heatwave over Europe and we experienced temperatures of 38 degrees. And we still managed to sketch non-stop. And meet friends. And discover this wonderful city. Big thank you to all the volunteers from Urban Sketchers Netherlands who made this possible - it takes a lot of work to organise an event of this magnitude. It was amazing. There were workshops, talks, sketch walks, drink and draw, or you could do whatever you wanted. As long as it involves sketching from direct observation, there are no rules! We all caught up with friends old and new. Drank lots of cooling drinks. And simply enjoyed being with our tribe, Urban Sketchers from all over the world, one drawing at a time!

(PS: no photos of Deniz - she was busy sketching all over the city and I only managed to catch up with her on the very last day!)
(PPS: and we even found a James Joyce connection with Amsterdam - how cool is that?)