A few sketches from Hughes bar

Apologies in the delay in posting these. I'm missing a few sketches and names, so email them to dublinsketchers@gmail.com and I'll add them here. A great evening of sketching and listening to pub conversations. Great fun sketching each other too.

Digital drawing by ?

 Marie-Hélène, by Vourneen

 Man at the bar, by Vourneen

 American couple talking to Irishman, by Kate

 Kate talking to Vourneen, by ?

Various people and a bus, by Karl?

Analog versus Digital

American couple at the bar (yes, they were there a while!) by Marie-Hélène
Brexit explained by an Irishman to the American couple: "The Brexit thing is a bit like the Trump thing."

Sarah, Vourneen and Karl, by Marie-Hélène

Luke, by Marie-Hélène

A few people, by Vourneen