Sketches from Capel Street area

Lots of hidden gems around Capel Street - and sketches to match! We're missing a few sketches so email them to us if you want your sketch added here! And also one unidentified sketch, so let us know who you are!     Note: Click on the picture to enlarge.

 Sketches by Marie-Hélène, Deniz, John C. and Sabina

Sketches by Mauro, Ben, Pat, Valerie,  Olly  and Des

Sketches by Alice, Geraldine, Maggie and Neasa

 Sketch by Caitriona

Another beautiful sketch by Marie who is still in Newfoundland - hopefully Hurricane Dorian has passed through without too much damage by now.

Sketch by Stéphanie, who works on Sundays but did this lovely sketch in the Fumbally café

                              A  Sketch later on Sunday, from Kate, in Sandymount.