Extra sketching session on Sat 16th November | Marsh's Library from 10 to 12:30.

Hi Everybody,

There is an extra sketching event this month.

On Saturday 16th November we will sketch at Marsh's Library, at St Patrick's Close, Wood Quay, Dublin 8.St, from 10 to 12:30.

Since it's a library, watercolour and charcoal are NOT allowed.

The library will make sure there are chairs for most of us on that day.

They are very flexible with the time so it's okay to stay sketching for a bit longer if you want to.

At the entrance, make sure you mention you are from the Dublin Sketchers and there will be no admission fee. If you are happy to do it, you can give a donation instead.

After sketching, we can all meet up at Bite of life to show each other's works. This cafe' is small but it's also the closest to the library.

In case many people turn up we will have to move to Queen of Tarts on Cow's Lane.

Here are for info about the sketching location: https://www.marshlibrary.ie/

See you there!