Meet at Morton's Pub to draw the Dodder Valley Park at 2pm Sunday October 6th

Hi All. This Sunday we are going to meet first at Mortons Pub at 2pm,  it's just after the Bridge going over the M50 at the junction of the Firhouse Road and Ballycullen Road.

We will meet up again to show our sketchbooks at the Speaker Connolly Pub at 4PM for usual drink, coffees. They are expecting us, they also do toasted sambos and Sunday dinners for those who are hungry too.

Buses from town are 49 and from DunLaoghaire direction 75 but please check.

We will then weather permitting walk to the park behind Mortons  pub at the Dodder Valley Park or Dodder Linear Park and make our way through the section of the park to the left of the Balrothery Weir/ Firhouse Waterfall.

The biodiverse parkland area is to the left of the waterfall and pedestrian bridge is under imminent threat of development into an unnecessary extra playing field (we have loads of pitches around the area and they are under utilized) and a running track so it may be gone by Sunday.

But if not you will get to see what we in Firhouse are trying to save. It's not at it's best this time of year, it's Autumn going into Winter, so there are a lot less wild flowers, things are gearing up for hibernation, but you will still get a good sense of the area.

There are hedgerows,  Hawthorn trees, trees on either side of the fields and the river Dodder of Course, blackberry bushes, rose hip, different long grasses, knapweed, clover, birdsfoot trefoil wild flowers.

It would be great if we can use photos of your drawings after to show that it has aesthetic value for artists too.

The weather is due to be partly cloudy 16 c with 10% chance of rain and wind 21kmh humidity 79%

This place is very much outdoors and the furthest point in is about 5-10 mins walk from one of two pubs which are the only two eating/drinking places open nearby.

I know some of you have already signed our petition but if not you can do so here if you wish.

Thanks,  James Moore