Sunday 2 February - Dublin Castle State Apartments

On Sunday 2 February, Dublin Sketchers are going to the State Apartments in Dublin Castle

Jenny, Cormac and Elizabeth from the OPW have kindly made special arrangements so that Dublin Sketchers can get into the State Apartments for free.   
All you need to do is go to the security desk near the lockers and let them know you're with Dublin Sketchers. Normally, backpacks are not allowed inside the State Apartments, but we will be allowed with small backpacks.

As there are paid guided tours in the State Apartments, bear in mind that large groups may appear all of a sudden. As always, be respectful of staff and paying guests and pick spots that do not block the general flow of the tours. There are lots of gorgeous rooms to work in, with fabulous views to the courtyards. Also, please be mindful of the interiors and for those who use watercolours, it’s probably best to just use water brushes, as you will not be able to bring water containers into the rooms. Also, just stating the obvious, but no oils, acrylics or charcoal are allowed in. If in doubt about anything, please check with a member of staff.

If it’s your first time out and you can’t spot anyone who looks like a sketcher at 2pm, just choose something to draw and get stuck in. Keep your eyes open for anyone carrying a sketchbook and say hello. New people come along almost every week so don't be shy about introducing yourself.  It's a friendly gathering and you'll get to know us over coffee from 4pm. Don't worry if you're late, most of us usually are! You need to bring your own paper and pens/pencils etc.

Here's a website about Dublin Castle:

From 4pm, we'll gather for coffee at the Dublin Castle Terrace CafĂ©(inside the same building). A bunch of people who look like sketchers will magically appear.

Photo by Adrian Grycuk - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0 pl, Link