Sunday 1st August

Hey lads,
If any of you have any suggestions for a bank holiday sketching location please post it up here. I won't be around myself but you'll be in good hands, mostly each others but be wary of strangers. Yes.

Draw the pretty pictures and not the ones in your head. They're just there to remind you what colour boundaries are.



Tracy O'Brien said...

I won't be around either - heading down to Wexford for the paint out festival! Yippeee!!

Mary said...

Here is one suggestion, the Hugh Lane Gallery.
Also, this Saturday is the last day for the RHA Exhib.

Nicolette said...

I wont be around on Sunday but the Hugh Lane suggestion is a good one. Was there yesterday for the Lavery exhibit. Recommended.

Suzanne Lindfield said...

The Hugh Lane would be great and catch the Lavery exhibit too.