Kings of Concrete - Christchurch area , Sunday 4th July

Hi all,

This week we will head for the Christchurch, Winetavern St. area of Dublin where the Kings of Concrete Festival is taking place. For those interested in the Kings of Concrete Festival, here is a link to the many activities which will be taking place in the area - which is pretty much at the back of the Dublin City Council offices.

All kinds of activities will be taking from skating to rollerblading, Parkour, breakdancing, BMX and even Graffiti.

Christchurch Cathedral is around the corner, plus St. Audeon's Church next to that. Also, the NCAD end of year exhibit closes on Sunday so it would be great to go and see that after sketching perhaps.. or for the early birds - beforehand!

So there you have it. We will meet at 2pm, at the back entrance to Dublin City Council - which is literally at the junction of Fish Amble Street and the top end of Dame Street (Lord Edward St. to be exact.. but you know where I mean anyway!!).

See you all there - perhaps bring sunscreen and an umbrella as the weather Gods don't seem to be too sure what to throw at us lately!

Anyone new - just bring a sketchpad and we'll spot you. Don't be shy - no need!