Sketchcrawl Saturday 22nd January 2011 International Sketchcrawl Day!!!!

Greetings. Apologies for not hanging around yesterday after the sketching I was desperate to catch the end of the Munster match which turned out to be a bit of a damp squib!

The plan for next Saturday I mentioned it to a couple of heads yesterday, is to meet at the National Gallery (MERRION SQUARE ENTRANCE) at 12:30 hours. My idea is to stay there for an hour and a half until around 2. Anyone interested then can join us next door in the Natural History museum for another hour and a half or so followed by a final trek over to the National History museum that'd bring up up until five 'o clock. Following that we can all just take a stroll until we come to a half decent watering hole to pass the sketchbooks around at the end of the day over a couple of warm or cool ones.

For the day itself anyone who wants to join in can give me a call at 0876803867 and I'll let you know where we are at any given time.

Hope it'll be a good one,

All the besht,