Sketchcrawl Tomorrow!!!!!!!

Greetings again,

So starting tomorrow at 12:30, at the entrance to the National Art Gallery at the MERRION SQUARE ENTRANCE (not the modern entrance on Nassau Street!), we will kick off the sketchcrawl. There are no rules for the day, we'll do as we do at the usual sketchers meets. I'll be outside with my sketchbook, and hang around until 12.45 or whenever. At around 2 we'll meet back there and head over to the Natural History Museum, then at 3.30 or so we'll stroll to the National Museum. We'll find an ol' watering hole at the end of the crawl to top off the day with a pint or two. So the deal is after we meet up we can wander off on our own and meet back, or hang around and sketch in groups, whatever your comfortable with. You don't have to stick to the locations, inddor locations were chosen in case the weather is off, but if the weather turns out to be as good and clear as today feel free to wander around and sketch in the fresh air. The reason for the length of the crawl is to allow for anyone who wants to pop in or out during the day, bein a Saturday a lot of us have bits and pieces we probably should be doing rather than sketching. But I'll be there all day and I'll have a camera with me for anyone interested in having their drawings/sketches posted on the blog here, I'll publish them on Sunday or Monday. Anyway Hope to see people out.

Tom - Just in case my mobile is charged up and will be switched on all day tomorrow - 0876803867.