It was brought up yesterday, so just a reminder that the 22nd of January is an International Sketchcrawl Day. Hopefully we can get Dublin on the map with a good turnout. There are different forums, the official being this one

It's a Saturday, but the usual Sunday sketch meet will take place as usual!

Anyhow, the idea would be to make it a longer session than the usual two hours, to start at one-ish and to finish up at five or so 'o clock and have a couple of chilled or warm drinks in a watering hole of some description afterwards.

It'd be great to have a big group, and another handy way to join in with the rest of us if you haven't been out before. I'm gonna check out what's going on that weekend, and i'll post a rough guide with stop-off sketchpoints along the way. Everyone will have phone numbers or whatever if they want to just jump in and out for an hour en-route. How's that sound? I'll give Stephen and Tracy a break from their phenomenal administration for this event.

Drop me a mail at or gimme a bell on 0876803867 if you have ideas or any particular venues you'd like to visit on the day, and I'll try to incorporate them as best I can.

That's about it, hopefully it'll be an inspirational day.