Sunday 16th January

In these times of ambiguous star signs we all need something to hold onto. I mean, 13 star signs and Pluto's not a planet? Holy hell!! I want it all back the way it was, I was perfectly happy with a flat earth and Dublin being the centre of the Universe.

Still on with the show. In celebration of this moving with the times lets go see the moderns exhibition in the IMMA this weekend. Yeah, that's warm, you'd all like that. So we'll meet at the main entrance at 2:00 and again at 4:00 in the cafe to steal each others ideas.

Unfortunately I can't make it this weekend but that doesn't mean you can just randomly run about the place with scissors, I'm looking at you Tom! If you're new to the group just look for a small bunch of people with sketchpads and say hello. We tend to split up after the initial meeting and spread out so just go about your sketching if you're late and meet up with everyone in the cafe afterward. Don't be shy but don't sit beside that one, yes, that one there.