Dun Laoghaire Sketches

Here's a couple from yesterday:

Let's see now, Rory's

Chris did this one.


Balazs did these two here.

Then this, I think, was Elena. Yeah that one there.

Then there was Tom's mexican.

And this one's Mary's :)




Tracy O'Brien said...

Very nice work guys, love Rory's reflections and Balazs - yours reminds me a little of a where's wally page! Great characters in there. Was sorry to miss it.

SarahOR said...


Mandy said...

Great pictures by everyone. I really like the colours used in Rory's ad the details in Balazs' second one

Mary said...

Great boats sketch Rory and Balazs I love that view behind the Pier also the people sketch.

James Moore said...

Excellent drawings folks.
I particularly like Rory and Balaz's.