Sunday 17th - suggestions?

Might as well kick off discussion for next Sunday - hope you all enjoyed Dun Laoghaire last weekend!All suggestions welcome, Howth has been on the back burner now for some time so that is one to

Send them on!



Balazs said...

I am happ with Howth, but a few other ideas for the list: - we were talking about Sandycove and the Joyce Tower on the lastweekend, - then once the idea came up to do another pub-sketching, - i would love to discover more nice parks in Dublin, do you know some nice places? Last year i really enjoyed St Annes Park, but i think its early for the roses yet. - Is there a place with cherry trees? :-)

Tracy O'Brien said...

I recently went over to the War Memorial Park and it is really lovely, I live near it so it was ridiculous I hadn't visited sooner - it is beautiful.

Pat said...

Sandycove & Joyce's Tower is a great spot if the weather is ok, but a writeoff if it's bad. We should definitely go there sometime over the summer.
Blackrock Park is nice; it also has some pieces of sculpture and lots of cafes in the village. Herbert Park in Ballsbridge is also really nice and there is a fairly new park between the martello tower in Seapoint and Seapoint Dart station which is really nice and the martello tower is a popular bathing spot so lots of people if the weather is good.