War memorial Gardens, Sketches. April 24th.

Four of us Sketchers met in the Gardens today.  As we had no meet up location for afterwards, we may have missed some! The Gardens were really spectacular, and the sun was shining, not bad for April! Here are some of our sketches.
 Click on the images to enlarge.

Sketch by Catriona S.                                                      Mary's Sketch.

Three Sketches by John C.

These four sketches by Suzanne F.

Some photos from the War memorial Gardens today.



Mandy said...

I think a few people were heading abroad or down to the country this week which was why there was so few people. I was invited to my sisters for lunch so I didn't go to the war memorial gardens. I like all of the sketches done this week.

Mary said...

Yes Mandy, Easter weekend is always a busy day for travelling. Still, the meet up was held in case there were any members floating around!! I was glad to see the Gardens, I had never been there before!Also, thanks for your comment.

FunkFan said...

Hello there,

Great blog, great art and great experience. Stumbled here from the Urban Sketchers blog. Cheers!!!

Ruth said...

Hi there,
I just came across your blog and I think it's great - I am really keen to get back to drawing and wonder if I join your group on one of your sketching days? I couldn't email from the main page for some reason, so hope you pick this up in comments instead!

Stephen said...

Duly noted Ruth but we still need your email address to add you to the list. If you mail dublinsketchers@gmail.com requesting to join I can pick it up from there.

Also, awesome sketches lads :)

Mary said...

Hi FunkFan, welcome,and thanks for your comment. I often nip over to Urban Sketchers site when I need a bit of good inspiration. Great site!
Ruth, hope to see you on one of our Sketching Sundays!

Tracy O'Brien said...

Some really lovely work - the gardens are really nice :-) I was visiting friends in Bristol (but missed the Bristol sketchers unfortunately) so wasn't about last weekend. Missing the regular sketching and need to put ink to paper now and get ideas flowing for June!!