Culture Night - Friday 21 September

Hi everyone, we normally don't meet up on Fridays, but this Friday evening is Culture Night, with lots of locations not normally accessible to the public opening their doors! Great opportunity for sketching. Everywhere will be busy, so this is not going to be a normal sketching outing.

Pick your own location anywhere you want!

If you're indoors and it's busy, be aware that you may not be allowed to sit and deploy your full sketching kit. And you may be asked to move after a while. But most likely, people will be curious about your work and might even think you're part of the entertainment. So, enjoy!

We'll meet from 8pm onwards at the Duke on Duke Street. It probably will be busy. If it's your first time, look for people with a sketchbook, it's probably one of us. We might not even get a seat! We might even have a stand-up Drink and Draw!

As usual, bring your own materials etc. But bring minimum supplies - no big backpacks in crowded rooms.

Listing of participating locations is on the Culture Night website.

Note that Dublin Sketchers are not part of Culture Night. We're just taking the opportunity for a different sketching experience!

Sunday Sketching will happen as usual - notice will go up later this week.

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