Dublin Sketchers out on the streets from 5th July

This year Dublin Sketchers is celebrating it's 12th year. Everyone helps to keep Dublin Sketchers going. This might be by arranging Sunday locations, updating the website and social media, sending in photos of their work. Everyone makes the atmosphere friendly and casual. We've all got creative during lockdown to keep sketching and virtually meeting. 

On 29 June, Ireland began Phase 3 of the government’s road map for reopening society and business. Here's a link to the government guidelines https://www.gov.ie/en/publication/cf9b0d-new-public-health-measures-effective-now-to-prevent-further-spread-o/

From Sunday 5th July Dublin Sketchers will be out and about again around Dublin to sketch. It goes without saying that everyone makes sure to keep 2 metres apart and follows government advice on Covid-19. Please don't touch other people's sketch books or share your sketching kit. 

Rather than meeting in a pub or coffee shop at 4pm, we'll gather outdoors somewhere and stand in a large circle to show each other our sketch for that day. Arrange your own refreshments if you fancy it.

If it's raining, we won't move indoors.

Some things you might want to do:

- Bring something to sit on rather than using a park bench (which might be in high demand).
- Bring refreshments. 
- Use the public toilets in Stephens Green Shopping Centre or the newly built ones just in front of the centre, clad in wood.

We're all looking forward to getting together again in a socially distant way. We're excited to see each other and everyone's sketches in person to celebrate our 12th year together.