Sketching October 25th - Christchurch/Brazen Head!

Well, it's the Bank Holiday weekend, meaning that most of us will not be working on Monday morning. So, for this weekend I am proposing an indoor location, with an outdoor prelude of Christchurch Cathedral.

So, at 1pm we will meet at the main entrance of Christchurch Cathedral - where we can sketch - weather permitting until we need to go indoors. Fast forward onto The Brazen Head - Ireland's oldest public house - Est. 1198 - serving alcohol since before licencing laws were even enacted.

So there ye have it. Christchurch Cathedral at 1pm, main entrance - to end up in the Brazen Head as time suits you. Link here.

Here's to the Bank Holiday - hope everyone has a nice weekend. All newbies welcome of course, just have a sketchpad out and we'll spot you!