St Patricks Park Sketches, Sunday 8th April.

Today, Easter Sunday we met in St Patrick's Park. It is a lovely park and I think everyone would be interested in visiting it again. Lots of interesting Architecture abounds. Perhaps when the weather gets a bit warmer!

by James

Pen and wash sketch by Maura.

Pen and ink Drawing by Keith

Watercolour and Pen, by Ray W.

Three watercolours by Sarah O'R

Left  :Pink Tulips by Mairead.                        Right: Sketch by Deirdre (1)
Watercolour By John C.

Left: Sketch by Arthur.                 Right: Pen sketch by Rablos.

Two sketches by Mandy

Two Sketches by Deirdre (2)

By Dimas                                         By Jasmine

 By Mary