Sunday 1st July - Dalkey Quarry part of Killiney Hill Park near Dalkey

We're going to Dalkey Quarry part of Killiney Hill Park near Dalkey this Sunday 1st July

We'll meet at 2pm at the Killiney Hill Park carpark.

If you've not been before, you'll spot us easily as we'll be holding our sketch pads. Don't worry if you're late - just get stuck in with the drawing.

Directions to Dalkey Quarry
By Train: It is possible to travel to Dalkey Quarry by bus but the train provides a much better service. The DART is Dublin’s suburban train service. From Dublin City Centre the DART can be taken south for 30 minutes to Dalkey Station, where a 10-minute walk leads up to the quarry. From Dalkey DART station, turn left twice over a railway bridge and finally right onto a road leading to Cunningham Road on your right. Walk to the end of Cunningham Road and then turn left up a hill on Dalkey Avenue. You should see a series of flag-stones on your left going up a hill as you walk up the road. You'll see the entrance to the car park on the left.

By Car: Head to Dalkey, the entrance to the car park is at the cross-roads of Saval Park Road and Dalkey Avenue. From the car park, (marked P), follow a trail that drops down across the grass slopes in a northeast direction, past a picnic table. The trail then swings right through the trees and enters the quarry at the upper cliffs below what's known as White Wall.

We'll meet again at 4pm at car park and go for a coffee in Dalkey at the Tram Yard on Castle Street. We'll enjoy looking at each other's sketch pads over the coffee as normal. A couple of people each week kindly photograph everyone's work to put on the blog. Please help them out by PUTTING YOUR NAME on your sketch book or on EACH sketch you do!

Hope to see you there!