Sketching at Heuston Station, Dublin, Sun. 15th July 2012

There was a great turnout at Heuston Station, this Sunday. and some lovely work was produced. We gathered for coffee etc. afterwards in the magnificent Bar 'The Galway Hooker' at  the front of Heuston Station. 

                                                Sketch by Maria Bonals   (Ink and coloured pencil)

                                                   Sketch by Ray Walsh. (Pen&Ink and watercolour)

                                             Sketch by Balazs (Pen and coloured pencil)

                                                    Sketch by Elena (Pen and inks)

                                           Sketch by John Kenny (Pencil)

Two by Colette (Pencil)

Two sketches by Marta Sastre (Pencil)

Two by Andrew C. (Pencil & coloured pencil)
                                                      By Patricia D (Pencil)

Two Sketches by Yazmin B.(Pencil)

By John Conway. (Pencil, pen & Watercolour)

By Loraine (Pencil)

Two by Hege Anita S. Charcoal & Pastel)


 Three by Des M.(Pencil)

                     Three by Mary.( Pen & grey Promarker 1 & 2., Water soluble pen and water brush, 3)