Sunday 2nd December 2pm Generator Hostel Bar

Hi all.

This week will see us inside the Generator Hostel bar in Smithfield at 2pm.
It's in between the Luas tracks and the Dublin Distillery buildings. The building is on your right as you face perpendicular away from the liffey and the Luas  tracks.

It's a big spacious place and they are happy to have us there if we want to draw inside and keep warm over coffees or pints.

We can draw each other - which we did last year there I think - or do work from imagination, or if any of the surroundings inspire.

(Although there is no official timetable for it you could try and  tackle the  Smithfield horse fair outside if it is still on and come back in for a heat up whenever you need.

If you really want to see it you'll have more of a chance if you get to Smitfield at sun- up, 9am, 10am might be more likely I hear, it may well be over at 2pm. The Smithfield Horse fair has been going on for hundreds of years and is a tradition that continues to fascinate and infuriate many a Dub and many a visitor. It can apparently get a bit like the wild,wild west out there, so please be careful. )

No need to say that it's going to be cold out there but if you wrap up well maybe you'll manage a quick sketch or two. Or take your camera.

Another place to venture to is the Cobblestone, a traditional music pub.

We will meet back, or stay put, in the Generator Hostel Bar and have coffee and sketchbook etc. discussion at 4pm as per usual

Look forward to seeing some of you there : )


Dublin Sketchers

From O’Connell Street

Take the tram (LUAS) from the Abbey street Luas stop to the Smithfield Luas stop.
The Smithfield stop is 3 stops from the Abbey Street stop (5 mins journey time).
Generator Hostel Dublin is located 1 minute walking distance from the Smithfield Luas stop

Generator Hostel Dublin in Smithfield is located 10 minutes walking distance from O’Connell Street. See map below for directions from O’Connell Street (The Spire) to Smithfield Square.

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