Hi all,

This week we will meet at 2pm at the beautiful Sweny's Chemist. It's on Lincoln Place at the top of Westland Row near Pearse Street Dart Station. 
Sweny's is mentioned in Ulysses and it has hardly changed in over 150 years so it is rather more interesting than your average chemist or bookshop. It's not a big place so space is limited to about 20 people at a time. It's indoors but can be a bit chilly so dress warm.
As Sweny's is run by volunteers to keep it open feel free to make a donation to help them out if you like - there's a little jar on the counter especially for that purpose.Cheers

Alternately if Sweny's is too crowded by us, people can go to the Science museum just down the road or as has been suggested by Sarah O'R visit the Christmas fair in docklands. We will meet again at 4pm for the usual coffee in the National Art Gallery cafe.

The Docklands Christmas Festival 2012
Date: 07-12-2012 - 23-12-2012
Time: 12:00 - 20:00