Meeting at Stephens Green shopping centre @2pm this Sunday

We're going to the Stephens green shopping centre.

There is a cafe on the first floor which has a great view of Grafton Street and Stephens green. There's also the option of heading down to the Duke to sketch the Rugby supporters (where I will be),
if you want to keep an eye on the game.

We'll meet at 4pm at the Duke bar for coffee or a pint to look at each others sketch pads over coffee.
It was originally known as the Dandelion Market and well known as the site of U2's earliest gigs and its array of stalls selling punk badges, clothes and posters was situated in the area the shopping centre now resides in. The site had been assembled over the years by the Slazanger family.
The market, which closed in 1981, is commemorated with a plaque, while Sinnotts Bar on South King Street is the only part of the original site that remains. Work began on the St. Stephen's Green Shopping Centre in 1985, with the whole project taking three years to complete. The centre officially opened its doors on 8 November 1988.
An article about the Dandelion Market and the bands that played there (1979/1980) can be found at

Hope to see you there!