Sketcher's Five Year Anniversary Session - Sunday 24th March 2013 Meet at Leinster Street entrance of National Art Gallery at 12 noon . Then 4pm coffee at the Nat.Gallery Coffee shop

Hi all,
The 5 year anniversary Dublin Sketcher's meetup is upon us.
And given the sorry state of the weather at present we have decided it is sensible to continue to meetup indoors. So this Sunday we will meet at 12 noon at the Leinster Street entrance to the National Art Gallery, where Sarah O'Reilly began it all back in 2008. The meetup time is a little earlier than normal, we'll start at 12 noon and continue till 4pm, if you are later arriving no problem. If the weather is good enough and if you prefer somewhere different to the gallery, you can go across to Merrion Square, or check out the Dead Zoo, or Sweny's chemist, you choose.
At 4pm we will meet at the National Art Gallery Coffee shop for teh usual exchange of notebooks and chat. Looking forward to seeing you there.

If you are out with us for the first time just have your sketchpad out so we can recognise you.

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