Sunday 11th May National Museum / Giro D'Italia 2014

This week we are going to the National MUSEUM. 

I know it's not so long since we've been there but it's just about the right distance from Merrion Sq to avoid the crowds but still close enough to allow anyone brave enough to dive into the colour and excitement of the Giro D'Italia. ( The RHA is closed at the moment unfortunately) so here's how to find the MUSEUM not the Gallery...

We'll meet at the front door of the MUSEUM at 2pm and afterwards at 4pm in the Museum Cafe on the ground floor. This week's optional challenge is to use some Pink or draw something with an Italian flavour in honour of Giro D'Italia!

If you haven't been before keep your eyes open for anyone carrying a sketch book and come and say hello. Don't worry if you're late, most of us usually are!

Hope to see you there! and remember not the Gallery, the MUSEUM! Unless you really want to go to the Gallery