Sketches from Trove at Imma, Sunday Feb.1st. 2015

A very interesting collection in Trove by  Dorothy Cross, from the various National Collections.
I hazarded a quess at the materials used in the sketches by the artists!

 Lisa. (Pencil sketch)

 Harry  (Ink and conte)

 Philip (Watercolour and pen)

Aideen (Watercolour)

 Maura (Pen)

 Des ( Coloured pencil)

 Mary S ( WC pencils)?

 Chris (Watercolour)?

Stephen C (Watercolour)

Balazs  (Pen and ink)

Patricia (Watercolour and WC Pencil)?

                                                                 Art O' C  (Pencil)

 Jane (Coloured pencils and Black Marker)?

Jessica (pencil and coloured pencil)

Mary O'C (Bic Biro, medium )