Sunday 6th March we are going to the Dead Zoo!

If it's good enough for Adele, it's good enough for us...
On Sunday the 6th of March Dublin Sketchers are going to the Natural History Museum aka the Dead Zoo.

We'll meet at 2pm at the entrance.

Feel free to wander over to Merrion Square if the weather's good to capture in a sketch the increasingly tree-less views. And to spot which statues have been moved to where??

From 4pm, we'll gather for a coffee or a pint at O'Donoghue's on Merrion Row.

This week's optional challenge is to draw two unlikely animals together on the same page.

If you haven't been before keep your eyes open for anyone carrying a sketch book and come and say hello. Don't worry if you're late, most of us usually are!

Hope to see you there!



Dublin Sketchers