Sketches from The Hugh Lane Gallery on Sunday 10th April 2016

Some very interesting exhibitions in the Hugh Lane, and we were delighted to see their new gallery layout  as several exhibitions were all on the Ground Floor level.  I am always interested in the materials used by the different artists, so I have indicated what I think was used for each sketch.

                                                               John C (watercolour)

                                                        Kieran (pencil)

                                                                    Mauro  (Bic Biro Sketch)

                                                                            Patricia ( watercolour)

James (Colour pencil)

                                                               Linda (Pen and wash)

                                                                  Mary S (Pastel)

                                                                    Jessica  (Pen and Colour pencil)                  

                                                                              Gerry (Pencil)

Mary O'C  (Pilot G-tech 04, pen)