Sketches done today, 12th June 2016, in the IAA in 45 Merrion Square, D.2.

We had an extremely interesting afternoon sketching around the IAA in No.45 Merrion Square. This beautiful building was very kindly opened especially for us, today Sunday 12th June.   There was no shortage of wonderful subjects to sketch.    
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                                                                        John Conway

IAA Railing

                                    View through window

       View of Merrion Sq.                                                                                 Ballymun windows
                                                                                              By Balazs (5)

Jennifer  (2)

                                                                     Marie Helene

                                                                           Maura Q.(2)



        Liz (2)


         Mary O'C (3)


                                                   Richard (3)




                                                         Seagulls by Liz,  Mary OC and Marie Helene.