Sunday 19th March - Festival Big Day Out on Merrion Square

On Sunday the 19th of March Dublin Sketchers are going to the Festival Big Day Out on Merrion Square

"Merrion Square comes alive with a vibrant street carnival, bursting with street theatre, music, aerial performances, workshops, crafts, Irish language activities and more."

The starting point is at 2pm in Merrion Square

The weather forecast is not great, but hopefully we'll get some dry weather. If it's too wet or cold, let's retreat to the Natural History Museum, also on Merrion Square. If you're planning to stay outside, wrap up well!
If it’s your first time out and you can’t spot anyone who looks like a sketcher at 2pm, just choose something to draw and get stuck in. Keep your eyes open for anyone carrying a sketchbook and say hello. New people come along almost every week so don't be shy about introducing yourself.  It's a nice friendly gathering and you'll get to know us over coffee from 4pm. Don't worry if you're late, most of us usually are! You need to bring your own paper and pens/pencils etc.

From 4pm, we'll gather for coffee at the National Gallery of Ireland, just round the corner on Clare Street. A bunch of people who look like sketchers will magically appear.

This week's optional challenge is to draw someone dressed in green

Hope to see you there!