Dublin Sketchers is now a Chapter of Urban Sketchers

Some of you may have heard of an international movement known as Urban Sketchers.  It began in the city of Seattle, USA about ten years ago … at about the same time that Dublin Sketchers began here.   It is the brainchild of journalist and illustrator Gabriel Campanario who created an online forum for sketchers who love to draw in the cities they live and visit.  There are now over 200 Urban Sketchers Chapters in cities all over the world. 

The principles of Urban Sketchers are pretty much the same as the concept we use for Dublin Sketchers:  it’s open to everyone; free to take part; and sketches are shared online.  So we felt it was appropriate for Dublin Sketchers to join the movement and see what happens. 

So what will change?  Well, not much to begin with.  There is now a link to our website on urbansketchers.com and we have posted the Urban Sketchers Manifesto on our blog.   We will continue to call ourselves Dublin Sketchers, although we are listed on their website as Urban Sketchers Dublin

Maybe in the future there will be opportunities to link up with other chapters of Urban Sketchers.  Maybe we can share ideas or arrange sketching exchanges.  Who knows what might happen.  But for now, it’s nice to be part of a network of sketching groups. 

You can read more about Urban Sketchers on urbansketchers.com