Sunday 10 March, Dame Street

On Sunday the 10th of March, Dublin Sketchers will sketch around Dame Street from 2pm
 and meet for drinks at 4pm in Mulligan and Haines (32 Dame Street).

The weather forecast isn't great, but there are a lot of cafés in the area, particularly at 
the junction of Dame Street and South Great George's Street. The KC Peaches at 54 Dame Street 
(across the junction) has an upstairs room with fantastic views. Make sure to buy a tea/coffee or 
a slice of cake if you're going to be staying at a table for a while!! (there's lots to choose from). 
They tell me they're not too busy after 2 on a Sunday, but get there early if you want 
a good table!

If it’s your first time out and you can’t spot anyone at 2pm, just choose something to sketch 
and get stuck in. Keep your eyes open for anyone carrying a sketchbook and say hello. It's a 
friendly crowd who you’ll get to know over a drink from 4pm. Don't worry if you're late, 
most of us usually are! You need to bring your own paper and pens/pencils etc.

From 4pm, we'll gather for a drink at Mulligan and Haines (32 Dame Street). A bunch 
of sketchers will magically appear. Remember that there is a rugby match on Sunday, so 
all pubs will be busy, but the nice staff at Mulligan and Haines agreed to reserve an area for us.

We haven't announced our Bloomsday project yet, but I can tell you already that it's going 
to be all about food! So you might be inspired!
If you're looking for ideas around Dame Street, the pub Mulligan and Haines is named 
after two characters who appear in Ulysses' first chapter, Telemachus. And not far from there 
you will find the Mercantile pub, which used to be home to Wisdom Hely of Hely & Co Ltd,
a celebrated Dublin stationers and printers.
More about this in the next few weeks!

Hope to see you there!